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Taxi Korthout on the way

02 oct

A better working environment with UV-C light

By purchasing UV-C lamps from UVIX, Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant is working towards a virus and bacteria-free working environment.

05 jun

Free face masks available for all customers

In the taxi, wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. Taxi Korthout provides free surgical mouth masks to all customers.

18 mar

Bert and Astrid Korthout drive the corona rides themselves

"Who wants to drive corona patients?" Bert Korthout didn't dare to put the question to his 400 drivers."So then I started doing it myself."

Customer stories

What about the collaboration with Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant? Customers share their opinion.

Inclusive taxi company

CEO Bert Korthout on entrepreneurship, inclusion and participation of people with a distance to the labor market (in Dutch).