Taxi Company

As a taxi company, we mainly focus on private and collective passenger transport, school transport, airport transfers and business services. We have been doing this since 1986. Sustainability, reliability and professionalism are our top priority. From short trips around the corner to complex transport questions, Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant is the right place for you.

Our modern fleet includes about 400 vehicles that are fully equipped and that have the latest features and gadgets. We have taxis, mini buses and wheelchair buses available. As part of our sustainability program, we are increasingly switching to green gas, biodiesel and electric driving.

Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant employs 250 people who are mainly involved in passenger transport in the greater Tilburg area. As an inclusive company, we strive to give people at a distance from the labor market opportunities they don't get elsewhere.

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