Improve the world, start with yourself. Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant is at the heart of society and actively works on ECO-friendly business operations. To improve the quality of life, we invest in sustainable and cost-efficient passenger transport. We are increasingly using vehicles with clean alternative fuels and drives.

Back in 2017, we started our sustainability program in collaboration with our innovation partner Vollenhoven Olie. Initially we opted for green gas and HVO fuel, later 100% electric vehicles were added. Taxi Korthout Midden-Brabant is fully committed to a sustainable future with biodiesel, green gas and electric transport. Vehicles running on alternative fuels emit much less exhaust gases. This demonstrably results in less diesel emissions (less soot) and less CO2 emissions. With the gradual sustainability of our fleet, we actively contribute to a cleaner, green world.

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